Exceptional back-to-school bonus: how much will you receive?


Inflation weighs more and more heavily on the portfolio of French consumers. In July, it reached and exceeded the threshold of 6% over one year according to INSEE. To support citizens in this difficult period, the government has decided, among other things, to grant exceptional solidarity aid (AES), commonly known as the exceptional back-to-school bonus, to more than eleven million households.

Are concerned by this exceptional financial assistance:

If the amount of this exceptional allowance is 100 euros, it will be increased by an additional 50 euros per dependent child. If you are eligible, rest assured: you have no steps to take, the bonus will be paid to you automatically from September 15, 2022 by the organization concerned.

Please note: this exceptional aid, aimed at offsetting the effects of inflation on household purchasing power, has nothing to do with the back-to-school allowance (ARS). The latter is distributed to the most precarious households to enable them to meet the educational needs of their children. You can therefore combine both devices.