Bruges / Torhout –

Nadine W. (49), the most famous tafelschuimster of the country, on Tuesday in the city court to two months ‘ additional imprisonment and received them. The woman was found guilty of eight offences of a rip-off in hotels, restaurants and cafés in Gent, Torhout, De Haan, Knokke-heist, Kortrijk, Bredene. Every time she went out to the tables without to pay the bill.

Her W is in July, in the cell, and that in the past few months, for more than seven years in prison for a more than 100 acts of tafelschuimerij. The woman is also struggling, according to his lawyer, Peter Gonnissen with severe mental health problems such as psychosis and obsessive-compulsive behavior. “This woman should not even belong in the prison, he said more than once. At the beginning of september, the court in Ghent for a psychiatric examination of W, That is, research by november 25 to be completed. On the 5th of december, the court will focus on the results.