Club Brugge has streekgenoot, KV Kortrijk, with no major issues, reports on Saturday night. The Club was already in the first minute with a free kick: in the end, it was 3-0. Blue-black is still, of course, the leader.

Why does Mbaye Diagne is not usual for a Club Brugge? The Senegalese had his chances at the base from the town of Kortrijk and showed it shortly after the rest, again, under no illusions as to why Philippe Clement is not often called on him to do it. He had to take the ball to the second post, but easy-to headers, but not incomprehensible to the target. Siebe Schrijvers – he, too, was there is a chance it was with a certain degree of assist to be denied.

Then, Diagne, ten minutes later, a one hundred percent chance of the neck omwrong this time, however, the inside of the box, but the more into the arms of Sébastien Bruzzese gekopt if he was going to give up. The failures of a very expensive gun-for-hire was a Saturday and the only reason the Club with the big difference that won the West-Flemish neighbours. Because it seemed to be that the KV Kortrijk-Club, it is necessary to want to cooperate for the strikers at the Club to trust them. After fifty-five seconds, hung up, Brendan Hines-Ike, all of the jersey by Eduard Sobol. The ball was on the spot, and Hans Vanaken has continued dry, with the team credentials and stay up-to.

No time for a second penalty kick

the Club also had a second penalty can be given when And Of the of the Bridges on the ball with the arm in the of sixteen. The ball, however, was coming from a teammate, Christophe Lepoint, and after that the roman and Nathan Verboomen at the screen and was called to be the claim is finished. Midway through the first half, the match will be played. Website Is set up for Hans Vanaken was his second of the night. KV Kortrijk managed to get it, not in it, but also a price to be set. The only thing that is a a chance appeared to be, the rest is Simon Mignolet, who, under the pressure of the Mboyo, the ball is not under control of me.

The second half brought no change for the better. Diagne missed three chances to be replaced, after that, Siebe Schrijvers, than what he was making. An assist for a David Okereke (3-0). The Person played is not often covered by Philippe Clement. but you have to reserve it from the side and still be of value to the Club. It came down smartly between the lines, and went on with his ability to walk and be fit.

Odds for Kortrijk

as KV Kortrijk and had two more great chances. For a time, Mitrovic well, come back when Mboyo up for Mignolet, was released in the lock, and grabbed Mignolet still out, with the sea in the ex-Red Devil. The Club picks up again for a cleansheet and it was the perfect voorbereidingsmatch for the FOLLOWING. The only hope is that the lock is lost, He is fit, hit on Wednesday.

after the break, continued to be a Club Brugge is in charge. Diagne misses to have a chance for a third hit. For Kortrijk were Mboyo and Golubovic as yet. The third is liberty of Bruges goal was inevitable and it came just past the hour-by Okereke. The substitute took advantage of a great individual action by the Authors. The Club took it then to the foot of the gas pedal, and with a view to the uefa Champions League encounter on Wednesday, with PSG. Mignolet is still a wereldsave out of his sleeves, shaking with a shot of the Mboyo. The lock was Fine, however, even with the likely injury to the hand. Final score: 3-0.