The total damage caused by the problems at Thomas Cook Belgium, between 20 and 25 million, respectively. The fund may bear costs. That announced the minister of Economy and industry, Wouter Beke (CD&V), on Wednesday in the parliamentary Committee for the Economy. The fund puts a priority on the tourists who are currently staying abroad. The refund will come in the second place, according to Beke.

The minister stressed that the fund has sufficient funds to address the issues of Thomas Cook’s head. The Fund has, according to the account by end of 2018, about 17.5 million euros. In addition, Thomas Cook has sufficient bank guarantees and the Guarantee fund itself is reinsured.

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Currently, there is 13.400, tourists, Thomas Cook Belgium, and the netherlands. In addition, some 70,000 package holidays booked for this year. The postings by 2020, said prime minister Beke, is no more. In the past, came to the fund for a total of 24,000 people at a cost of 10 million euros.

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