1000 euros per megawatt hour. This is the wholesale price that electricity reached on Friday August 26, 2022… Last year, at the same time, it was 85 euros, indicates FranceInfo. France is in the grip of a major energy crisis and fears rationing and cuts for this winter.

In question, the unavailability of half of the French nuclear reactors. As of Tuesday, September 6, only 28 were in operation out of the 56 installed in France. A large part of the production is therefore unavailable. The country therefore has to import electricity, which is more expensive than generating it. In addition, Russia’s offensive in Ukraine has aggravated the price spike in this sector.

To deal with the shortage of energy and the increase in it, the government mobilized a Defense Council on Friday, September 2. It was previously used in particular to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During a press conference held on Monday by the Head of State, the objective of reducing electricity consumption desired by the government, namely 10%, was recalled.

Thus, President Emmanuel Macron invited the citizens of France to “be on the lookout for sobriety”, so as not to suffer the consequences of gas and electricity shortages this winter.Planet produced the slide show below. below which indicates the 5 announcements made by the latter on the energy crisis, according to Capital and Le Monde.