Emmanuel Macron copiously insulted on the stage of the Touquet Festival


Emmanuel Macron offered himself a final dose of rest in this last weekend of August before a return to school which promises to be busy and tense. After his visit to Algeria, the President of the Republic went to Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais) with his wife, a town where he owns a house.

The couple notably attended Saturday August 27 at Touquet Music Beach, an electro festival. But Emmanuel Macron certainly dreamed of a better reception… The Franco-American artist Marc Rebillet indeed copiously insulted him on stage, a few minutes before his arrival, reports La Voix du Nord.

In his underpants in front of a delirious public, the musician, who notably made himself known for his performances in a bathrobe during confinement, totally let go. To the great misfortune of the organizers. “He took the TMB hostage to make his buzz serving only his interests. Knowing full well that he is covered by freedom of expression”, confided to the regional daily France Leduc, the director of Touquet Music Beach. She also confirmed that the festival had asked Marc Rebillet to reimburse the fee he received. The artist had revealed it on social networks a little earlier.

The LR mayor of Le Touquet, Daniel Fasquelle, also expressed his indignation after this controversial performance. “Between the provocation and the gratuitous insult there is a leap that was made last night by this artist. Obviously, I condemn this completely inappropriate behavior”, declared the elected official on RMC.

Marc Rebillet is not at his first attempt. In 2018, he poured on stage a flood of insults aimed at Donald Trump, recalls La Voix du Nord.

“The festival is very unhappy with my comments, they cut my sound or tried to do so. Then the festival president spilled an entire glass on my promoter in the middle of my set, he assured on Instagram. And now they want their money back for this show that I finished. It’s crazy.” Emmanuel Macron has not yet reacted to this outing which would have gone well.