Activity bonus: why the 4% revaluation is long overdue


It is one of the benefits covered by the law on the protection of purchasing power. Like the RSA, retirement pensions, or the back-to-school allowance, the activity bonus will increase by 4%. The entry into force of these increases has been set for July 1, 2022. But, due to tight legislative planning, the law was not published in the Official Journal until August 17.

It is therefore during the next payment of the activity bonus by the Family Allowance Funds that this increase will be effective, ie on September 5th. Beneficiaries are not harmed, however, since this increase is retroactive to July 1, as initially planned.

The amount of the revaluations for the month of July has already been paid automatically from August 18, can we read on the Caf website.

As a reminder, the activity bonus aims to financially support low-income employees and to encourage the unemployed to find a job. All workers whose income does not exceed a certain threshold can benefit from it. You must also be at least 18 years old, live in France on a stable basis and have a professional activity or be compensated for partial/technical unemployment. Students or apprentices must have a monthly income of more than 1028.96 euros to benefit from it.

To estimate the amount of the activity bonus that you can receive, an online simulator is available.