The us President, Donald Trump continues to fight for the price of a partial Government shutdown for his prestige project of a border wall with Mexico. He renewed his threat that, if necessary, to the National declare a state of emergency, and so the wall was built against the Parliament. “It may be that I exclamations a National emergency, it depends on what happens in the next few days,” said Trump on Sunday afternoon.

Before journalists, the President presented to his return to the White house a further idea of how the wall might look like: “We should build a steel fence. It will be less noticeable and stronger,“ said Trump. “And we will use our company to build him, American steel.”

On the question of the impact on the 800,000 Federal employees will not be paid during the “shutdown,” the President said: “I think they will arrange this for you, because you do not want the border protected. This means a lot for you.“