soccer star striker Wayne Rooney has become to his new workplace in Washington abermalsmit alcohol noticeable. The former captain of the English national team, currently at the Washington club, D.C. United’s under contract had taken, according to a speaker on the flight home from Saudi Arabia to Washington sleeping pills and drank alcohol.

As the 33-Year-old at 16. December in Washington landed, he had been “disoriented”, said the spokesman for the British news Agency PA. He had been arrested by the Airport Police because of a “less serious misconduct” is provisionally fixed, and for a short time in a cell is inserted, a little later, but against a fine of $ 25 been released. In addition, he must pay $ 91 court costs.The consumption of alcohol in Public is banned in the United States.

Rooney had triggered according to police, upon arrival at the airport of Washington-Dulles at the arrival gate and an Alarm. He was taken prisoner and held for sobering. According to American media reports, he cursed loudly. Rooney was very pleased with how he had been treated by all Parties, let the speaker know.

The beefy star striker, the stand 120 Times for England on the pitch and among others he won the Champions League, experienced in the past season in the American League, Major League Soccer for a second sporty spring and led the Team with twelve goals and seven templates in 20 Games in the Play-Offs. In private life, Rooney had already caused more negative headlines. In September 2017, a British court had banned the former Superstar for drunk driving, two years of driving and 100 hours of community service imposed. So he’s not allowed to drive in his home still car.