Genes to be analyzed at the end of an entrepreneur: anyone Who criticizes us ethically, doesn’t understand what it’s all about


    The most Beautiful thing is confidence. “We’re like sparring partners,” said Saskia Biskup and her husband, Dirk. Ten years ago, it was, as were the married couple, business partners. At the time, both lived in the vicinity of Washington, he was head of a Bertelsmann printing, they were made conducted research at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and genetic diseases and was dissatisfied with their laboratory: “There is still sequencing, which could always be just a single Gene to investigate,” she says, looking back. “There were a lot of better methods that could be used to many genes at the same time decrypt it.”

    your husband suggested to make the Whole of it, and perforated with “human genetics”. They wrote a Business Plan. “The actual Numbers were far from our plans. In the first quarter, we only had three rehearsals,“ she says.

    it was in 2009. Meanwhile, the Biskups moved long ago to Tübingen, where they have analyzed founded Cegat GmbH, “Center for Genomics and Transcriptomics” Gene. Saskia Biskup gives the example of Angelina Jolie. The Hollywood actress was 2013 the Breasts removed, to protect yourself from breast cancer; her Doctors had calculated that she gets because of an inherited genetic defect with a probability of 87 percent of cancer of the breast. Such analysis also makes Cegat.

    Work-Life Balance is nonsense

    Saskia Biskup is 47 years old and a Human geneticist. She studied medicine in Würzburg and is equal to twice his doctorate in medicine and scientific research. Dirk Biskup is the host 48, and operation. His Diplom-Kaufmann he made in Hamburg and received his doctorate in Bielefeld in the area of production. Actually, he comes from the media industry was in the Management of Bertelsmann and Holtzbrinck.

    Because they come from different areas, none of the Boss, he says. Therefore, work and marriage work, even though they would have few days without work. “But work is not actually,” she says. The talk of Work-Life Balance is rubbish, anyway. No wonder she habilitated by the way, if you want to be a Professor. To live with this attitude and work, the two entrepreneurs now come to more than 30 million euros in sales in the year. Just it is anyway.

    there is No free market

    The environment, says Dirk Biskup. “We are on a very special market, the health market. A free market is not.“ Because: “It can’t just send anyone of his blood to us, and its genes analyzed.” Instead, the market was strictly regulated. Cegat was allowed to offer in Germany, only the sequencing of genetic material, to prepare the genes. Especially researchers and pharmaceutical companies to the customers.