located In the U.s. state of Illinois, a nine-year-old boy for the murder of five members of the family. He is suspected of being arson, causing five of the family members in one night and died. The boy had to be the Tuesday before the trial, and came out with his head barely above the back of his chair.

Also, Alwood (9) it was the Tuesday before the trial for the murder of five members of the family. The boy would be deliberate a fire in a mobile home with a brother, sister, father, grandmother, and cousin, and lost.

“People make mistakes, and that’s what it is. Yes, it was a disaster. But before that, we need to not all of its life, dispose of it,” said the mother of the boy at CBS News. The mother was hartbrekende time when she had to leave to take her children. “I was standing at the window and said “sorry” to my children, I will not be able to save. “Mommy is right here, and I love you.” I hope that you have heard of it.”

the woman was in her son’s schizophrenia, and attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder was identified. The boy was the first day in tears in the courtroom from outside, along with his grandfather. In the case in the United States, a lot of the criticism.

According to the lawyers, would have a number of children in santa Claus and believe it is not in a position to intentionally get someone to kill him. The attorney for the boy to make him even a handful of words to explain it. Thus, to understand the child, and the words ‘alleged’, ‘arson’, and ‘residence’ are not.

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