Doll is the third in the Biathlon: Inspired by Yesterday


    It is often said that one should not look back but always look forward. Benedikt Doll has sheared not a Jot of difference to this truism – and that is exactly what is done. He called on Friday once again the feeling of that day in February 2107 into the memory, as he celebrated in the Tyrolean biathlon center Hochfilzen his biggest Triumph, the title of world champion in the Sprint.

    Claus Dieterle

    sports editor.

    F. A. Z.

    at the Time everyone had rubbed their eyes in amazement, that the wobbly candidate at the shooting range, well-known biathlete had shown with the small-caliber gun, no weaknesses. “I got the self-confidence once again in the head. I said to myself, I can do it at the shooting range here. And with the feeling I went into the race,“ said Doll on Friday. And as the 10-Kilometer Sprint to the end, meant a hundred percent hit rate, and the fourth-best run time of 110 Starters place. In Training, he said he felt “really stable at the shooting range. This is a great sign that soothes. I am very, very satisfied“. Especially since the two in front of him, Johannes Thingnes Bö, and Martin Fourcade, at least in the last season, the measure of all things.

    With gust, so far the outstanding man of the still-young season, apparently has the habit of, to give the race a bit of voltage, the 6400 spectators, so a lot of it was felt on Friday in the high, come a little on your costs. The 25-year-old Norwegians would not have let the last of ten discs, have been revealed to the winner after the start number 21. “I had cold fingers at the trigger, and to me the error is happening, I thought: Now you have to fight properly.” But on the route of the Olympic champion in the 20-Kilometer individual is currently in a class by itself. Even a penalty lap, which costs about 22 seconds of time, he can not make continuously up – especially if Fourcade is in absolute Topverfassung.

    The seven-time overall world Cup winner had given up a week ago in Pokljuka puzzles, showed in Hochfilzen, however, that ranked the 24th in the Sprint and the task of the prosecution in Slovenia were probably slip-up. On the 10 kilometres he was considerably slower than the gust, but the shooting accuracy fell all the discs safer. And on the final round, you saw that the seven-time overall world Cup winner at the Moment is almost back to the usual level. Also when compared to gust 8.2 seconds were missing. “John was already last season on the track faster, but I am glad that I am back on the Podium. In Pokljuka have asked me many questions,“ said the 30-year-old Frenchman.