Can be love sin? We don’t know it. At least there is a not a small crowd of admirers, the battles would be almost every duel, as long as it comes to the Porsche brand. The presented renewed 911, recently, is considered to be the German sports-car icon par excellence, the SUV model series, the Cayenne and Macan from the same house, seduce all those who have a greater ground clearance, more Clarity, and high towing capacity of your heart sheet of your choice.

The smaller size, 4.70 Meter-long bachelor of the allradelnden pair in 2014 on the market, 350,000 copies have since found a buyer. Now, about half of its life cycle, there is a refresher at the bow and stern, more extensive connectivity and a shot more power. In February 2019, the Porsche SUV starts as a Macan for 58.763 Euro and as a Macan S for 61.738 Euro. Diesel are history.

The external retouches are marginal. At the front the air intakes have been redesigned, in the headlamp housings, LED stuck in the future, in principle, at the rear, also with light-emitting diodes assembled red light band between the tail now glow. Thus, the Macan adapts to the current appearance of the Porsche family, and emphasizes more than before the horizontal lines. New colors, including a bright sky blue as well as bold Metallic-Green, to breathe the Porsche SUV, together with new wheels wit until it comes in three to four years, in fact, to the generation of the 416 series.


In the interior, it remains the excessive number of function keys-strewn, high centre console. Here is more modesty as well as a more variable rear seat system to strategists with the unfulfilled Wish of some Product with which you be up to the successor to have to wait. Now, the Macan gets a 10.9 inch zoomed-in touch-sensitive screen. The navigation system is on Board as standard, and obey now meekly and attentively to the voice commands. In addition, a traffic jam assistant, decelerating to 60 km/h in slow traffic and when it starts up again, new features that counts. Feeder holds at a surcharge in addition, the 911 GT steering Wheel, an ionizer enhances air quality, and a heated front windscreen.

The Macan comes in February 2019 with two available engines in the trade. The base engine is a turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder with 180 kW (245 HP), which brings it to a torque peak of 370 Newton metres between 1600 and 4500 Rpm. He gives the all-wheel-drive SUV in the standard print is an acceleration of 6.7 seconds and makes it 225 km/h fast. The fuel consumption is 8.1 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of 185 g/km.