It is the actress Karine Vanasse who will host the Quebec version of the reality show Les Traitors, which is currently causing a sensation around the world.

In fact, the popular actress will also helm the Canadian version of The Traitors: Canada, which airs on CTV. “I am very proud to participate in the Quebec and Canadian versions of this concept which is coming to us,” said Karine Vanasse in a press release. The team around the production and the unifying tone of the game quickly convinced me to dive into this universe with them! »

The concept of the program originally conceived in the Netherlands by IDTV is closely inspired by the board game Loups-garous by Thiercelieux, from which it takes up the basic principles. The theater of the game, however, is not a village in central France, but a majestic mansion in which 18 foreigners are gathered. A few of them aren’t lycanthropes, but rather traitors who will attempt to sabotage the group and “kill” a devotee each night in an effort to be the only ones to get their hands on a common pool that could reach up to $100,000. As in the board game, the faithful will try to unmask the traitors before losing the loot to the villains.

“It is with real enthusiasm that we welcome Karine Vanasse as animator, at the helm of an enigmatic and unique concept that has been very successful internationally,” said Suzane Landry, Vice-President , Content development, programming and information at Bell Media. This large-scale production, with two sets led by the same host and team of artisans, will ensure that our talent shines nationwide. It is indeed very rare to see a presenter presenting the same program on two different networks, in two different languages.