Doctors’ strike: here’s when you can make an appointment again


No appointment possible this week. The general practitioners’ strike was renewed on Monday January 2, bad news for many patients as the flu and Covid-19 epidemics continue to circulate in France. At the heart of this movement is the denunciation of their working conditions and the desire to increase the price of the consultation of general medicine to 50 euros, which is double today.

Invited on France 2 this Thursday morning, the Minister of Health and Prevention said he was in favor of an increase in consultation prices, but not up to the 50 euros requested: “I am ready to increase this consultation as soon as the health needs of the French are met (…) Okay, we are increasing the consultation, but I want the 650,000 French people who are chronically ill to have a general practitioner, because they do not currently have one , I want us to be able to have a doctor at night, on weekends”.

As Capital explains, François Braun receives the unions of liberal doctors at the head of the movement and the collective “Doctors for tomorrow” this Thursday, January 5 in the afternoon. Regardless of the outcome of the discussions, the leader of the movement, Dr Christelle Audigier, assures that the cabinets will reopen their doors on Monday January 9, explaining to the news site: “We must treat our patients in the midst of an epidemic” .

You will therefore be able to make an appointment with your attending physician from Monday, January 9, but you will surely not be the only patient who wants to do so, so availability is not guaranteed. The movement of general practitioners is not over, Dr. Christelle Audigier told Capital: “We will carry out other actions within the practices. The idea is to make our patients aware of other issues than the consultation at 50 euros, like the burn out of doctors”. She mentions in particular the “administrative overload” linked to patients and which requires a lot of time from professionals.