Telephone canvassing: 5 ways to filter a number on a landline


From advertising to abusive cold-calling, there is only one step. Many French people are harassed all day by professionals or call platforms trying to sell them a product or service. Are you satisfied with your insurance? From your carrier? Do you have to change your windows in the next few months? Are you sure not? Faced with the abuses of some, the government has decided to act and cold calling will soon be very supervised.

As of March 1, direct sellers will no longer be able to call you at any time during the day.

This new framework will concern both French people who are not registered on Bloctel and those who are, but who can be contacted under a current contract. Please note, if you have explicitly given your consent to be called by a company, the rules do not apply and the latter can contact you at any time of the day and week.

You will still have to be patient for a few more weeks if your number is on the list of many professionals in the sector. If the calls are already too many, too heavy to bear or too intrusive, you can block the numbers that are causing them, but do you know how to do it on your landline?

If the process is easier on a smartphone – it is done in just a few clicks – it is still not impossible on a landline phone. Below are five extremely easy ways to screen calls to your landline or block certain numbers altogether.