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presented at the Real Club Náuico of Vigo, the Regatta Sea of Maeloc Rías Baixas, having held their first two events scoring: the races Rías Altas and Finisterre. The act celebrabró in the sports facilities of the Port Authority of Vigo.

A concept of “Races Sea of Maeloc” born with the aim of increasing the visibility, nautical-sport in Galicia on the Atlantic Arc, from both the sporting point of view, as a tourist… through its three races more ancient and traditional, that the appointment vigo is the oldest of the three.

The ports see of Mar of Maeloc 2020, cover a large part of the galician coast: Cedeira, Sada, La Coruña, Malpica, A Pobra do Caraminal, Combarro and Vigo; both “Rías Altas” as “Finisterre” have already been held, by the way with a remarkable success, despite adversity.

Missing the fireworks end… the Sea Regatta of Maeloc Rías Baixas departing on Wednesday 12 August sail to Combarro from the incomparable ria de Vigo; hence, we trace the second stage, with destination to the ria of Arousa, to the beautiful Pobra… the third act brings us back to the city olívica… and the fourth will be a great novelty: for the first time since it was created in 1964 it held a Vigo-Vigo… in which if the circumstances of wind desirable… it will be a great show, without a doubt… the most important at the national level of the sail heavy in this complicated season.

In the competition on 70 cruise ships, among which will be the most competitive in the northwest… with a surprise last-minute: the “Hove 9” with one of the best patterns of Spanish by the time Luis Bugallo and armed by José Luis Freire, will be the Swan 45 “Yes Too” of the Portuguese Rui Ramada.

Also among the favorites for the Swan 42 “Magical” armed by Julio Rodriguez and Gonzalo Araújo as a tactician, it will be one of the great favorites… boat that has recently won the Trofeo Conde de Gondomar. Its biggest rivals “Oils April” with Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal and a crew exceptional, with important names like the vigo Chapu Turned… that was the winner of the Rias in the last edition in ORC 0-1.

Malalo Bermúdez de Castro with “Solventis” pitching Javier and Pablo Moro will be another of the strong. The la coruña could not win in 2019… it will go out to all on this occasion to achieve it…

Ramón Ojea with “Bosch Service Solutions” the “boat coming”, will return to the success formula as in the Rías Altas: blend of experience with youth… with young promises of the Club Marítimo de Canido. The Elan 37 of Sailway, expired in 2019 in the ORC 2, and has also achieved the gold in the Race Rías Altas 2020.

Of The Coruña down ships very important. Case of the “Bodegas Benito Santos” with Jorge Etchevarría to the cane, “Eleko-Mambo” skippered by Carlos Sampedro, “Cachete” Fran Edreira”, “Alma do Mar” of Nito Enriquez, to give just a few examples… or the fast SunFast 3600 “Lambaix”.

The trophies that have been handmade in La Coruña and Vigo, have a base wood of the pallets that are used in Maeloc, and plates engraved aluminium from recycled… and they are really, amen, of original and aesthetic, a symbol of sustainability.

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