Disco singer Martin Stevens, who rose to fame in the 1970s with the song Love Is in the Air, died on Wednesday. He was 69 years old.

In a moving message posted on Facebook, his daughter-in-law Sophie Dupuis Boudreau indicates that he died in the morning, carried away by illness.

Released in 1978, the song Love Is in the Air earned him two nominations at the Juno Awards Gala the following year. He had also obtained the same number of mentions at ADISQ.

In addition to this popular tune, his pieces J’aime la musique and Midnight Music also rose to the top of the charts.

In recent years, Martin Stevens (real name Roger Prud’homme) has made a few public appearances, notably during P-A Méthot’s Disco Party, which took place at the Bell Center in 2019 and was broadcast on the airwaves VAT thereafter.

In 2007, the singer published his biography, Sex, drugs and disco, in which he reflected on his meteoric rise to fame and its repercussions.