So that your lawn is pleasant to see and walk on for you or your pets, you may have planned to heat up your mower this weekend. However, it is strongly advised not to thin out your lawn in the coming days, according to a recommendation from the LPO (League for the protection of birds). Indeed, letting your grass grow would be a way to preserve the fauna and flora of your garden. In addition, the heat wave is fast approaching and temperatures are constantly rising. According to meteorologists, there could be a first wave of heat reaching 35°C.

In addition, your lawn could take on a completely different shape and a much less green color than usual. This is why, in periods of high heat, it is better to avoid mowing your grass, no matter the size of the space concerned. Potential consequences for your greenery include:

Discover now in our slideshow, which are the 33 departments in which it is recommended that you give your lawn some respite.