Weather: a peak of heat expected on Monday, on the sidelines of Hurricane Danielle


If Hurricane Danielle will die before reaching France, its arrival on European shores will not be without consequences for our country. Régis Crépet, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo, explains to us that the approach of the phenomenon is very slow and does not represent a threat.

“We are talking about an ex-hurricane because it retrogrades into a simple usual depression, it turns into a completely classic depression for the northern hemisphere”, he explains.

What trajectory will this famous Danielle follow? According to the specialist, “it will head for the wide Atlantic for the start of the week, very offshore, around the Bay of Biscay”. The scenario will therefore be the same as with any depression: the wind will shift to the south.

However, some effects are expected on the country. The first is a “brief but intense” heat peak from Sunday in the south-west of the territory then Monday over the whole of France. “We will approach some heat records on Sunday afternoon and Monday because of the wind which will come up from the south”, assures Régis Crépet.

Abnormal heat is therefore likely to occur in the south of the country, particularly in Occitanie and Aquitaine, regions which will then be under the influence of subtropical air. What temperatures should you expect, exactly?

If on Saturday the average temperatures will be between 17 and 22°C in the north and 22 and 29°C in the south, which is just normal for the season, Sunday will be much warmer. We will then expect 14 to 30°C between north and south.

In the columns of La Chaîne Météo, meteorologist Alexis Vandevoorde indicates that “peaks between 35°C and 37°C will be possible on Monday in the southwest, which would be close to heat records for the month of September”.

If the peak of heat is the first consequence of the ex-hurricane Danielle in France, it is also necessary to envisage a stormy deterioration. “The weather will also turn stormy on Tuesday, a classic but marked consequence of the passage of a depression. The storms are again likely to be violent also due to a very conflicting relationship between the air masses”, we learns Régis Crépet.

If to date the reliability is still very low, there is a chance that storm Earl, which closely follows hurricane Danielle, will cause the same effects on France at the end of next week.