According to the firearms attack in the centre of Vienna with a dead and one seriously injured, the police of a crime in connection with a criminal gang from the Balkans. “At present, the fact seems to be in connection with organized crime in the Western Balkans”, it said on Saturday, in a communication to the police.

On Friday at around 13: 30, had been shot in the centre of Vienna on three men who left just a Restaurant. A 32-died-Year-old, a 23-Year-old was seriously injured. According to police sources, around 30 years old and the offender escaped on foot. Against him, an investigation was initiated.

The shots in the tourist historic city centre, close to the St. Stephan’s Cathedral had briefly triggered panic. The police said a “terrorist motive” could be excluded, it was obviously a “targeted Crime”.

The newspaper “Vijesti”, Montenegro published the alleged name of the victim’s. It was, according to the police, “a key member” of a drug gang. This will lead in 2014 to a bloody battle with another drug gang, which is already about 30 people in Montenegro and Serbia, had been killed, makes wrote sheet.