George Herbert Walker Bush, 41. The President of the United States, has supported for ten years, is secretly a young boy in the Philippines. Three weeks after the death of the politician was known, he took on a Christian Foundation in the year 2002, a letter of friendship with Timothy. Bush’s donations have flowed to the organization, according to the education, meals, and Hobbies of the young. The CNN had reported on Wednesday, after the Organisation had passed on some old letters from Bush. The authenticity of the letters was confirmed by a spokesman of his office.

in Addition, Bush sent the then-seven-year-old always colors and paper, in order to promote the character to the talent of the student. “I’m an old man, 77 years old, and I live in Texas. I would like to be your new pen-friend,“ wrote Bush on his name inspired Pseudonym of George Walker. As the former President in the letters and made repeated allusions to the White house and celebrities are well-Known, it was difficult for his staff to keep up the contact to the Filipino students secret. Among other things, Bush Timothy sent a photo of his dog Sadie, and told him that he Christmas in the White house.