Four months after the Bridge collapse of Genoa, the city has commissioned the architect Renzo Piano for the new building. The Genoa-born, 81-year-old Piano, consider the project as a “donation” to his home town and wanted to waive a fee, said mayor Marco Bucci. He is going to the project, to be implemented by a consortium of three large corporations, to protrude. The Piano had presented his design in September. “This is at least a thousand years,” he promised at the time.

The highway bridge was on 14. August collapsed, 43 people died when a 200-Meter-long piece of the Morandi bridge fell into the depth. Is determined, among other things, the motorway operator Autostrade per l’italia.

The construction company, Salini Impregilo, as well as the state-controlled company Fincantieri and ItalFerr to build the bridge for 202 million Euro. By the end of 2019, you could. Piano’s design includes a white painted steel structure, which leads to the port city. In the design of the bridge he had of boats inspired, he said during the presentation. First of all, the Rest of the old bridge must be removed, which also leads through densely populated parts of the city. Instead of a blast it is to be, and with cranes removed sawn.