The first unknown guest thumbing through the menu, left the Restaurant but, without a further order. So, the news portal: "wral". As the young waitress wanted to clean up his place, she found a note with the inscription: “Thank you for the delicious water.”

“Thank you for the delicious water.”

But that was not all: in addition to the note, the waitress found a total of 10,000 dollars in cash. She immediately informed her colleagues and her boss Bret Oliviero.

The identity of the good Samaritan not long remained a secret. It turned out that the Youtbe-Star “MrBeast” had left the money. “He said he wants everyone to know that happen to good people good things,” said Bret Oliviero, after the contact to the Youtuber was made. “I think the more pretty cool,” said Oliviero.

“I think that’s pretty cool.”

The waitress, who discovered the money retained only 800 dollars, and divided the Rest of the money with their work colleagues. “I think he wanted someone to sweeten the day and in search of the ‘Wow-factor’ was,” said Bret Oliviero the action.

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