Crowd, Tennis – Corona? For Djokovic, the Virus is not far wegSocial Distancing the Serbs: At the time of his Adriatic sea-Tour, filled the stadiums good and the Fans happy. He wants to show it to America.Simon Graf is no fear of contact: Novak Djokovic is on the Adriatic Tour the approachable host. Corona is for him far away.Photo: Andrej Cukic (Keystone)

The intentions of Novak Djokovic seemed quite fair. He had to return, like many others, the urge, as soon as possible to normality. Which is why he asked the Adriatic Tour on the legs, a tour of exhibition matches in Belgrade, Zadar (Croatia), and Sarajevo, the proceeds of which will be donated to a charity. With Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev, he was able to win even two Top-10 players. And yet, it is now not legal.

especially in the USA and the UK, the complain, together with Brazil, most of the Covid-19-dead, was the Outcry in the (social) media is large, as on Friday and Saturday for pictures of the event were: a full stadium, the spectators crowded close to each other, and athletes refrain from any distance rules miss. Anyone who sees this, might think that the Coronavirus had been defeated. Such behavior, touch point, especially in countries uncomfortable, in which it is used currently or rapidly.

planned Than Djokovic on the Tour, he did not know whether in front of spectators may be played. However, the rapid pace of easing in Serbia has played in the cards. Since the 5. June is no longer limited to the number of visitors to events under the open sky. And only the elderly and chronically Ill to carry on public transport or shops masks. On Wednesday about 20’000 spectators gathered in Belgrade for a game of football-city rivals Derby – Partizan defeated red star 1:0 and drew in the Cup final.

“This is a positive message,” defended Djokovic his Adriatic Tour. “Of course you can criticize and say, this is dangerous. But it’s not up to me to make the decisions on what health is technically correct. We just follow the guidelines set by us to the Serbian government. If we have the opportunity in this way to come together, then we can use you.”

Count the number of protective masks: tennis fans in Belgrade to watch Novak Djokovic.Photo: Keystone

Serbia with its population of seven million has so far been fairly benign by the pandemic with over 12’000 cases, and officially 253 Corona-dead. However, new infections are rising slightly In the past week, there were each day, around 70, so well-twice as many as recently in Switzerland. Djokovic had intended, with his Adriatic sea-Tour in the small state of Montenegro to perform, but since it is denied the entry.

Whether the Serb with his Tour continues, the health of spectators and players on the game, you will see in a few weeks, on the basis of the case numbers. The other question is, what Signal is the prominent tennis professionals send out with their performances. Dirk Hordorff, the Vice-President of the German Tennis Association, showed to the German sports news service SID is very critical: “You have to show some responsibility, what one transported in times of a pandemic to the outside. If you are in the US at the same time, still Worried about the safety of the people, it might not be the right character.”

A finger might show to go to New York

You could interpret it this way: Djokovic shows the Americans how it is also. In the world rank list first has the most rigorous measures for the 31. August US Open harshly criticized and threatened, under these circumstances, not to participate. It is provided there that the players will be quartered for the tournament practically in the Hotel and only one accompanying person can take. Spectators are also not allowed.

What a contrast, when you look at how the tennis cracks and viewers these days, carefree in Belgrade, present. Djokovic shows his Adriatic Tour the world, according to Corona. Or in between waves of Infection.

should not be planted While in other sports, is Novak Djokovic, with his mixed doubles partner Jelena Jankovic to close.Photo: Darko Vojinovic (AP Photo, Keystone)