Mark Zuckerberg has a difficult year behind: The data scandals piled up, the stock market year was disappointing, and he himself is more than 20 billion dollars poorer. Politicians from different countries are demanding, to delete Facebook, to smash and to regulate. And many observers question whether Facebook makes people’s lives better, or you are actually addicted to it.

However, Zuckerberg’s year in review on his Facebook-page is not less negative – what surprised: after all, it is his Job to defend his company. However, his Statement is more than positive PR. It seems as though Zuckerberg had understood that his company stands with its back to the wall. It shows which areas of Facebook gives the great value and how the company is trying to get to grips with the problems.

Zuckerberg is on four goals to make Facebook better. He wanted, first, to prevent election rigging, and, secondly, to ensure that hate speech and misinformation spread less, users thirdly, more control over the information available to it, and fourthly, to ensure that users with Facebook better than without.

A year of scandals

He turns to the various scandals that rocked the company in 2018. In April, Zuckerberg had to testify before the American Congress. It went to the data scandal, the company Cambridge Analytica and the influence of the American presidential elections of 2016.

in Addition, Facebook is more transparent in terms of the advertisement. Is meant, among other things, a in the autumn of published database, the user can see who paid for advertising and what are the population group addressed.