these European, and British negotiators, on the eve of a new agreement has been reached on the brexit. Or, as the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, the British parliament, however, is a different question: is a Northern Irish unionists of the DUP will continue for some time to come, that the deal will not be able to accept it. Also the opposition party, Labour, has been disappointing. “The prime minister has a deal that’s been negotiated, which is even worse than the one that Theresa May,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

Just prior to the start of a crucial Eu summit, it will take you to the highest British and European negotiators have come to a new agreement about the Brexit. The deal has already received the green light from the European Commission and the Uk prime minister, Boris Johnson. The member states shall examine later on in the text, however, the European commission President Juncker, it recommends to the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk is already approved by the 27 eu heads of state and government will have to look for.

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Now in the united states.

The biggest obstacle, however, lies in London. If europe’s leaders give the green light must be in the united states. to do that, perhaps at a meeting on Saturday. Its government has no majority, and it does not seem to have the support of gedoogpartner DUP to rely on. The Northern Irish unionists, gave Thursday morning that they are not concessions from the government. It is suspected that Johnson would try to convince you of that, but that seems to be failing. “In our earlier statement is still valid”, said the party has immediately after the announcement of the deal, though.

with The support of the DUP seems to be, however, crucial to its ratification in central london. The DUP has only ten members, but the radical Brexiteers within Its own party and votes with their voting record to that of the Northern Irish people. Like Johnson, who are not on board, he must receive a lot of the members of parliament from the opposition parties.

“Worse than the deal in May”

” Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the largest opposition party, Labour, is the response is already negative. “It seems the prime minister that a deal has been negotiated, which is even worse than that of Teresa May < / I> (Its predecessor-ed.) , and in an overwhelming way, it was rejected,” he said. “With this sale, the land will not be together and it would have been rejected would have to be.”

Additionally, you may want to Labor together with the other opposition parties own a majority to agree to be subject to a second referendum. “The best way to the brexit to be controlled by the people for a final vote through a referendum”, says Corbyn. If the opposition in Saturday to succeed in it is the date of the 31st of October, and more than likely will not be a feasible option.
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