The new wave of the epidemic seems to be setting in at the same time as summer on French territory.

After several weeks of calm, the rapid spread of the new BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants would be the cause of an upsurge in contamination, at least if we are to believe the latest data.

Thus, the CovidTracker site notes that as of June 17, there were 44,062 new positive cases for Covid-19, which corresponds to an increase of 49% in one week.

From now on, a positive person will contaminate an average of 1.43 in turn. And almost one in four people tested are also positive.

Even more worrying: this “new wave” is only in its infancy.

What force the authorities to review their program in terms of health restrictions? Nothing is to be excluded.

Indeed, while scientists in France are worried about the outbreak of cases, the government must tomorrow present a new bill to the Council of Ministers, supposed to define the strategy for managing the health crisis after July 31, 2022. .

Will we have to put the mask back on this summer, bring out the vaccination pass, make an appointment for a new injection?

Since November 11, 2021, France has been under a “state of emergency” regime. The government can therefore still impose these restrictions. For her part, the government spokeswoman, Olivia Grégoire, spoke of “braking measures if the situation were to evolve, or even degenerate post-July 31”, reports Franceinfo.

In the meantime, the national incidence rate is 459 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Some departments are well below this figure, and should, for the time being, escape the restrictions envisaged. Discover the list in our slideshow.