Repression because of the partisans ‘ anthem – Like Song “Bella Ciao” Turkey unknown capers splits the loudspeaker systems of mosques and play the Left-wing popular song about it. As a reaction to Ankara’s rigorously against the Opposition.Tomas Avenarius of Istanbul0 comment all of a sudden the song “Bella Ciao sounded over the roofs of the city of Izmir”.Photo: Alamy

What sounded like a bad joke secular Anarchos, is a political issue with explosive force: almost a week Ago, an Unknown person had cracked the sound system of some of the mosques in the Turkish city of Izmir and to the hour of the call to prayer in the middle of the fasting month of Ramadan – the Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao” from the loudspeakers of the minarets roar let. On social media the Rest of the Turkey took part in the unusual, some say unprecedented, scandalous event. As to be expected, provoked the incident, many in the majority Islamic country of anger, in the case of Secular he was, however, for hilarity: “Bella Ciao”, the anthem of the left opposition, and the Turkey will be in 20 years from a conservative, emphasized Islam ruled-based President.

opposition politician-proof

but Now the fun is over. The justice wants to bring to justice those responsible. And as for the responsibility, struck the bow: The Deputy of the CHP party boss of Izmir, was arrested, because the Banu Özdemir had posted on Twitter without comment, the notes of the Italian Partisanenlieds from the Second world war. The justice was enough, apparently, for the investigation against the social-democratic oriented politician Özdemir. The actual person in charge of the vocal attack, however, are not to be found.

the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has personally expressed to the point, suggests that the government will use the case politically for an attack on the Opposition: “The irreverent to do such a thing, and the officers of the CHP to enjoy it,” had Erdogan said about the play of partisan songs. Although the Izmir CHP was the mayor of the incident immediately as a “provocation” and an insult of religious feelings condemned, but that is likely not much use: In Muslim societies, the accusation of alleged blasphemy weighs heavy. And the trademark of the politician, Erdogan is that he has Islam and Turkish nationalism politically so closely interwoven that “unislamisches behaviour” applies with the voters of his ACP quickly as, so to speak, untürkisches behavior.

The rumors of the state

This shows how big is the potential explosive power of the story. Although elections in three years, needling the government and Opposition now with increasing hardness and ruthlessness. In the media speculated that Erdogan is playing due to the unfavorable economic situation and declining approval in the polls with the idea of early parliamentary and presidential elections. This should explain his hard line against the Opposition.

The falls anyway. In the beginning, the Corona had to serve epidemic as a fuel for the political dispute. During Erdogan, the citizens of the country called far to donate for the plague victims, the CHP mayor of major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, their own aid programmes. These programs have been undermined by the Central government, and as a kind of attempted coup scourged. The government’s response should not only be justified in the pursuit of the best Anti-Corona-strategy: The CHP mayor of Istanbul and Ankara, Ekrem imamoğlu and Mansur Yavas, are considered to be figures that could stand up to Erdogan. Shortly thereafter, the government rumors of a supposedly planned real state have been widely used prank.

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