In a context where war is knocking on Europe’s doors, where inflation is on the rise and where the planet is struggling to emerge from an unprecedented health crisis, the climate seems anxiety-provoking for a large part of the population.

Indeed, whether for young people, adults or seniors, the current period has its share of difficulties and certain subjects can thus become real sources of concern on a daily basis. An OpinionWay poll for CARAC* released in June 2022 looked at those that particularly torment retirees.

For these people, certain other subjects are added to this unstable situation such as the fear of losing one’s autonomy as they age. If this represents a subject of turmoil for many, the survey reveals that several devices are envisaged.

Thus, 62% of French retirees plan to stay in their homes by calling on a home help service if they ever lose their autonomy. Similarly, 27% also say they are willing to do work on their home to make it more suitable.

But is this loss of autonomy the main concern of this part of the population?

Discover the 11 most important according to the survey in our slideshow.

*This survey was carried out on a sample of 1,006 retired people aged 55 to 75 representative of the French population, i.e. constituted according to the quota method, with regard to the criteria of sex, age , socio-professional category, urban area category and region of residence. The multiple-choice questionnaire was completed by respondents between March 23 and March 31.