Urban development – of The Plan and the Wirklichkeit1960 was built Brasília as the huge promise of the Future. What is 60 years later, left of it? We Pay Them A Visit.Christoph Gurk0 KommentareBrasília was designed on the drawing Board and Nothing is being built: Here’s the Senate building photo: Sygma

is 30 kilometers away from the futuristic monumental buildings, the charakterisisern the center of brasília, is a water tower. 27 meters high, painted light green and round like a UFO on a stilt. There are uglier buildings, certainly, but also a lot more revolutionary, which is why it is to be fair it seems that the water tower has not been received in the history of architecture, Brasília, but: A capital city designed on the drawing Board, built into Nothing. A stone become a Symbol of a new country, a new time.

but Who wants to understand the 60 years after the inauguration of brasília, what happened to Brazil, you should not drive through the magnificent streets of the capital, but the direction of the West, so long to the expensive Restaurants are gone, and only the smoky barbecue stalls in front of hinqualmen. To the glittering clouds have given way to scratch the barren high-voltage pylons. Until there are no green Parks, but only trash and red earth. Then, it is because, in Ceilândia: Once planned as a minor appendage of brasília, is Ceilândia today, twice as large as the actual capital, your mirror-image and opposite.

A Monument to the progress of

As Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in the mid-fifties the plans for the new capital, they conceived as the basis for your the famous Plano Piloto, the master plan. Actually, as a cross on a map meant, he is mistaken often for an aircraft. On the North-South axis, the residential building should be to the East-West axis, the ministries, the Congress and the presidential Palace. In between are sectors for Hotels, cultural institutions and banks, connected by highways, without traffic lights and intersections. Because that should be Brasília: A Monument to progress, a Motor for the transformation of society.

Alone, this Plan didn’t work. And so Ceilândia, which is also on the drawing Board designed was, however, not for government officials and Ministry employees, but for Cleaners, Laundry chutes, garbage men, and all the others, for it was in the futuristic capital of no place.

Around half a Million inhabitants of Ceilândia today, in the Plano Piloto 200 000 were provided. And while you are in Brasília, one of the highest Per capita income in Brazil, many people come in Ceilândia just to make ends meet. Especially for the people of Sol Nascente, the largest Favela Ceilândias, one of the largest slums of South America is.

The “country of the future” became a country of fear, with murder, torture, and censorship.

the beginning of The end began a few months after the inauguration of brasília on 21. April 1960. The presidency of Juscelino Kubitschek ended, he had given the construction in order, left behind now, but with a huge mountain of debt. Further economic problems were high Inflation and trench warfare between left and right, the military in 1964 ended with a coup. Stefan Zweig’s “country of the future” became a country of fear, with murder, torture, and censorship. These years of lead changes in Brazil and Brasília.

The idea of a city in which workers, employees and government officials live together, had to crumble already begun at the start of construction. Too tight was the schedule, to Apartments build in many different sizes. Fast was also clear that many of the construction workers, who came mainly from the North of the country, would not return back to their homeland. So satellite cities, which are no longer ranged but soon arose.

no electricity, No water,

In the sixties, thousands of Brazilians came in search of work in the new capital, and because in the Plano Piloto was no place for them, they occupied short-hand country. The people lived in huts, under poor conditions, however their number grew until 1970, up to 70’000. A project to end the illegal settlements was launched, the Campanha de Erradicação should give the Invasões, the abbreviation for CEI Ceilândia his name.

Far outside of the beautiful, new capital was once again planned a settlement to Nothing, on 27. March 1971, the Foundation stone was laid; nine hours later, you karrie for the first twenty families to Ceilândia, voluntarily or involuntarily, the today is clear.

In the following months thousands more people followed, often they had to build their houses and huts themselves, the electricity there was as little as water. Thus, not only drinking and washing water was missing the people in the dry and dusty air. Many of the women had been working as washerwomen for the better-off families in the capital. Now, the work and the income broke away to you.

The inhabitants of Ceilândia chose the water tower to your true character.

tanker should supply the people, but were not sufficient soon. In 1973, started with the construction of the water tower in the centre, and when he was finished, not only came at last of water out of the lines, but also a little bit of progress to the inhabitants of Ceilândia. So you chose at the end, no tree, no animal, no Plant to your true character, but those of the water tower.

in 2013, it was declared a cultural heritage of the Region, in Brasília, however, already in 1987 to the around the world. The city itself may not be changed, has become more and more a monument than ever. Because of the Coronavirus, a large is also part of the anniversary celebrations to be cancelled or has been moved.

In the last six decades, the capital district, including Ceilândia is the third largest city in Brazil become. Over three million people live here, less than ten percent of them live in the actual Plan Piloto. Sixty years after its inauguration, many of the once-revolutionary ideas have become the disruptive factor. A city planned for cars, is today an outdated concept, just like the strict division into sectors.


When Brasília was inaugurated 60 years ago, should a new jet by the end of the capital of the huge country. But now a right-wing Populist, the climate change, just deny as the dangers posed by the Coronavirus. sitting in the presidential Palace Jair Bolsonaro has Brazil divided as never before. In the capital, his supporters will parade through the streets, to demonstrate for the abolition of democratic institutions such as Congress or the Supreme court.

in Ceilândia many people have voted in the elections in 2018 for him. And, significantly, the President’s wife, Michelle Bolsonaro is, not in Rio, São Paulo or even the Plano Piloto was born, but in: Ceilândia.

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