Corona-crisis calls for victims – Switzerland tourism photo Agency Swiss-Image cases the Agency fee free photos loses with the marketing organization to your most important partners.Jon Mettler0 comment Swiss-Image offers tourism subjects such as this without a fee.Photo: Markus Greber (Swiss-Image)1 / 1

Swiss-Image ensures that the Swiss tourism looks around the world. To illustrate their contributions, can media from domestic and abroad on the offer to draw free photos of the picture Agency.

From the marketing organisation, Switzerland tourism, Swiss-Image, received a mandate to maintain the database and help the users in case of technical problems. This makes Switzerland tourism the main partners of Swiss-Image.

e-mail clients

But it is over now: How on Wednesday it became known, ended Switzerland tourism, the cooperation – after 28 years. The marketing organization called the uncertain economic situation of the photo Agency, because of the Corona-crisis as the reason, writes Agency chief Andy Mettler in an email to its customers.

An important pillar of Swiss-Image is it, occasions to be covered with the tourist-beam force, such as vibration strength. Due to the Coronavirus large-scale events are not possible until further notice.

that The termination was for him “a shock and unacceptable,” says Mettler. He suspected other motives than the official explanation: “Switzerland tourism is the Corona-the crisis as an opportunity to get rid of us.” Because the organization have to bring a database to life.

contract at the end of the year

The contract with Swiss terminated-Image had been terminated at the end of 2020, confirmed by Switzerland tourism. The organization build its own platform for images and Videos. So Switzerland tourism ensure that the supply was more efficient to manage, both internally and for external partners.

In the case of Swiss-Image to be downloaded per year, around 150’000 photos on the theme of tourism.

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