Demos against police violence The movement “Black Lives Matter” is white among the protesters in the USA are a lot of White. Especially in the case of democratic voters has changed the setting on the topic of racism.Alan Cassidy from Washington0 comment solidarity with the African-Americans: White Americans in a rally against police violence in Washington.Photo:

whether in Washington or Minneapolis, Los Angeles or New York, the protests against the death of the African-American George Floyd, which take place in the United States from coast-to-coast take part in a remarkable number of white people. They March, demonstrate and place side by side with the African-Americans on the floor. Tune in to the songs or to vote themselves. Also, many of the volunteers who distribute them to the protests, water bottles, Snacks, and disinfectants, are White.

On the posters, the hold up, counting is often the universal Slogan of the original movement against police violence, “Black Lives Matter”, Black life, and “Justice for George”, justice for George. During a police operation in Minneapolis, George Floyd was killed, his death triggered the recent unrest in the United States. But not infrequently one reads this is also what “White Privilege” white privilege, or sentences like these: “I don’t understand, that I understand it. But I’m standing here with you.”

the young white student who demonstrated on Tuesday evening at the Washington Lafayette Square opposite the White house, wearing a “White Privilege”-poster. “I can imagine a lot of what black men and women in this country are going through,” says Rachel Lewis. “When I go shopping, I get asked when Leaving the store after the cash register receipt. If I’m with my friend in a police control, I need to never have to be afraid that something happens to.” It was a different life, the White in the United States led a privileged life. “And if we don’t show our solidarity with the people who do not have these privileges, nothing changes.”

The attitude of white Americans towards racism and police violence has changed in the last few years.

It’s not just young White, think so. In the midst of the protesters, David Galligan, a 65-year-old management consultant. The last Time he has demonstrated as a Student at the beginning of the 1970s. “But now it is enough. I am following with disgust, of what is happening in our country right now, and I’m ashamed of.”

Galligan has lived for 30 years in Minneapolis, the city in which the police use against Floyd occurred. “On the surface, it shines. But underneath, a racist Church, the black people in every respect will be at a disadvantage there.” Galligan has lived as a Student for a year in Germany, he says: “The Germans have worked up your dark past. For us in the USA that never happened. In my youth our history was taught only insanely embellished.”

White will for real political change

use, There is evidence that the attitude of white Americans towards racism and the police has changed violence in the past few years – but it is primarily due to the development in the case of supporters of the Democrats. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, by 2019, 88 percent of the white Democrats that Black people in the USA are treated by the police less fair than White. 86 percent find that Black people are disadvantaged by the justice system systematically. Thus, white Democrats in their view, with the African-Americans.

it was not always so. Ten years ago, only 50 percent of white Democrats said that the country needed to do more for equal rights for Black to enforce. Meanwhile, 80 per cent find the.

so many White participate in the protests, noticed the African – Americans their feelings about it are mixed.

In the case of the Republicans, the electorate has become in recent years increasingly whiter and more conservative, the situation is a bit different: Republicans to measure the racist structures in the judiciary and in the everyday life of significantly less importance. However, 43 percent of white Republicans said in the same Pew poll, Black people by the police are treated less fairly than White, and 39 percent found that the Black from the of justice would be disadvantaged system.

so many White participate in the current protests, also noticed many African-Americans and their feelings about it are mixed. In the case of the early “Black Lives Matter”demonstrations in 2013, which took place after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, he had hardly ever seen White, says Eric, a black teacher who is on Lafayette Square, and his last name don’t want to call. Of course, he was grateful for every sign of solidarity. “But I hope that these people are on our side, if the news turn back to other things.”

Similarly, Alicia Garza, one of the co-Founders of the “Black Lives Matter looks”. You don’t want that White appropriated the protests only, but also for real political change to use, she said in the “Washington Post”. The law, that the White of their privileges to be aware of. “Do not say so, that you can’t breathe,” said Garza, referring to the last words of George Floyd’s: “you breathe very easily.”

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