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The English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), sixfold world champion of Formula One, showed in a well-known social network, its rejection of bullfighting, indicating, together with the image of a bull with blood, which, in his opinion, “this is really disgusting, Spain!”

“don’t let the torture disguised as culture”, he wrote, the image of toro muerto, in his account of Instagram, Hamilton, who, to win last year, in its sixth world title, is one of the all-time record in the category queen of the engine, which has the German Michael Schumacher .

“To the children in Spain are taught to torture and kill bulls at the age of 14 years. We ask the Ministry of Education of Spain that close immediately the schools of bullfighting . You can help by sharing this petition,” urges Hamilton, 35, 84-time winner in F1, reports Efe

in the Face of these disqualifications to the world of toro, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, with notable victories last season, as his late four-ears in San Fermin -the fair more universal, has responded via twitter: “The lord Hamilton not you like bullfights… And what? In any case, before you criticize the culture of others should, at least, learn more about what you are talking about. Respect! And don’t let the rascals take the hair”.