It’s more than just a game; it’s a suspense film, it’s a reality TV…

It’s true that in Quebec, we like chicane less. But I would say that as soon as there is money at stake, the dispute can flare up quite quickly. There was a show where I stopped listening to what was being said to me in the headset. I completely stepped out of my role as facilitator. People were arguing so much… I ended up on my knees on the ground! I’m not supposed to intervene. I am supposed to give the competitors as much time as they want to deliberate. But I saw the seconds ticking away, and I was like, “Hey, gang! Time flies ! »

Certainly ! I will remember this for the rest of my life! It remains a nightmare for me. After the show, I walked off stage, took off my microphone and said, “Never again!” » Star Académie was a format that I had acquired while doing business with Endemol. We had to respect the rules, but after experiencing the exclusion of a singer live, I was like: “They can sue me if they want, but it’s over: we’re changing that! » Because it was against my values.

It’s less painful because Every Second Counts is a game, while Star Académie is a talent competition. But I still insisted that we give a gift to whoever leaves first. We only do this in Quebec!

My general knowledge. Its important to me. I come from a modest family, but we were rich in culture. My mother bought me used books. At school, I was the substitute on the Budding Geniuses team. And when I took the test that we give to Every Second Counts candidates, I got 23 out of 25. I was very proud.

Yes, I don’t have a big mouth, but I would like to stand out with my good answers.

Yes. In my entire career, I have never seen something this big. This is very, very, very worrying. There is an advertising recession. Everyone feels it.


Because currently, in my private life, I have things that occupy me a lot. [Her divorce from Pierre Karl Péladeau is not yet finalized.] Things that prevent me from celebrating. That saddens me.

Yes. I find it very good. I participated in it, in fact.

No. I was watching The Tower on TVA. It worked well, but after two years, Patrick [Huard] decided to stop because it was too demanding. He did 52 hours of TV a year. Me, at 5 feet 2 inches, I was 104. I wasn’t on the verge of exhaustion; I was exhausted. I loved hosting The Week of the 4 Julies, but it was too much.

I don’t have the answer to this question.

May Every Second Count achieve success. And that I have time to have a life. I haven’t always been able to take advantage of it in recent years, because I had serious challenges to overcome.