Comment: Trump is risking everything


just before Christmas Donald Trump has made the two most important foreign policy decisions of his now almost two year term of office: the retreat from Syria, half the forces in Afghanistan. Both will change the conditions there, because the Americans left a power vacuum in the local and regional actors encounter. In Syria, this dynamic is observed: The Kurds ally themselves with Assad’s troops against Turkey. Trump is now for the first Time is full of risk. He will be measured by the consequences of the withdrawal of the ISAF troops.

Thomas Gutschker

editor in the Department of politics in the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

This is especially true, because he cannot hide behind his predecessor, the military or any of the consultants. Players of yesteryear and today have advised him. He lost his Minister of defence and his representative to fight against the claim militia “Islamic state” (IS), both in open dissent. One could conclude easily, that Trumps decisions were wrong. The circumstances seem to suggest. In Afghanistan, the Taliban cheer, in Syria, Assad and Putin. Instead of the options work out, fell Trump his closest associates in the back. In a telephone conversation with Turkish President Erdogan, he took suddenly his view of things: What is American “military advisers”, in fact, special forces are still in Syria, if the IS has lost the territory?

but caution is required in the case of a judgment Trumps decisions. Would not have chosen a President Obama in his place the same way? Or a President Clinton? From the Hindu Kush wanted to pull off the already Trumps its predecessor, he took up with this promise and shrank back only at the very end before the possible consequences of the Taliban to conquer the whole country. So he had enough 8500 soldiers there; and, to prevent the worst, but too few to stop the Islamists in the area. Trump increased the number of necessity to 14,000. But also the changed little. The Taliban now control at least half of Afghanistan. They see no reason to close with Washington in any Deal. How to say the Islamists are so beautiful: you have the watches, we have time. So a lot of strategic patience, not democracies, not even the super power America.