Oberstdorf has to be cleaned out. On Christmas eve, a bit of snow began to fall, and if this Sunday the best of the Best dare to hurtle brave the hill down, for the perfect Bounce search, far and style to land safely want to fly, then it is according to the shadow mountain. The jumpers are there.

The four-hills-tournament, which starts traditionally in Oberstdorf (Sunday, 16.30 / Eurosport, ZDF and in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the four-hills-tournament), is a classic. This is also why you want to be. A Richard Friday, in the year-on-year as overall world Cup Leader in the ski jump track is gone, but because of two falls plagued that relies on the repetition effect. The Sachse in the Team of national coach Werner Schuster for the German-Austrian border pleasure a wish: “I hope that the runs with the ski jumping similar to a Cycling that you don’t forget.”

ski jumping is a total work of art. Only the one who masters the different movements, technical demands and mental challenges best, will have opportunities, on three kings day in Bischofshofen with a Golden eagle rewarded. A trophy as a badge for Can and Konstanz.

the defending champion Kamil Stoch, the last Mission title defense, the feat is successful, to win Second place after the German Sven Hannawald all four individual jumping, is a tour in his Polish homeland to a people’s hero. At present, however, Ryoyu Kobayashi is the one who has put together in the field of the peak forces, the most aligned, the total package. With four world Cup victories, has hoisted the 22-year-old Japanese favorites. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.