Reince Priebus, Donald trump’s first chief of staff, put it this way: In the White house, there is only a “Chief of Staff”, and that is the President. Self-Priebus referred to in retrospect as the “Chief of Stuff” – the man, the of any stuff hanging was stayed, but I have never had a mandate to discipline.

In the summer of 2017 had seen even Trump the grave to fight anymore, and Priebus, the retired Four-star General John Kelly to be replaced. Soon, however, he missed the Chaos. In this respect, less Kelly’s, Trump has now announced a farewell amazing than the fact that it comes to until now.

Although it is now complained that America was losing in the heart of the Power of a patriot of the Format, the worse things have prevented. But one should not overestimate: Trump is not enclosing.

Including Kelly’s successor will suffer. In a time in which the “Russia-investigation” comes to a head, the Democrats control the Congress chamber, and a Trump to his re-election in 2020, fights – in his own way.