Now all really: Google and Apple have launched their respective payment solutions, the savings banks and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks to offer their own solutions. If you like, you can pay with your mobile phone or smart watch now at the supermarket checkout or at the Christmas shopping.

never, the conditions were as good as they are today. Not only that, the big players are all of its own solutions on the market. Also, it can convert 820,000 POS terminals are retrofitted, more than 75 percent. And every modern mobile phone is anyway able, technically, to be very trivial process of paying.

still, Germany is a cash-country. Although the share of cash transactions has fallen for the first time under the 50-percent threshold. But at the same time, 74 percent of the single payments are still Seem with and coins.

With the now launched Offered for the first time, real competition. It seems clear: If in the year 2019, Mobile payments in Germany, then it will prevail.