Eight jumps, four jumps, two countries – and a big question: when, finally, the winner of the four hills tournament is coming again from Germany? The last Victor is known. More still: He has written history, since before the Coup of Sven Hanna forest, there had been world’s no ski-jumper to win all four competitions. Victory in Oberstdorf, victory in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, victory in Innsbruck and victory stations in Bishop. In the year 2018 it has done hannawald of the Pole Kamil Stoch equal and with four individual victories, confidently won the tour. It was Stochs Second overall victory in the series and, therefore, the ski jumping enthusiasts in Poland have great hopes that Stoch in the 67. Edition of the hat Trick is a success. But the man of the previous winter, comes not from Poland but from Japan and is called Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

Small, agile, just 22 years old. The young Japanese traveled with the recommendation of four world Cup victories this winter to Oberstdorf, where traditionally, the four-hills-tournament starts and the athletes this Saturday jump for the kick-off on Sunday to qualify. For the German Team, the national coach Werner Schuster, Markus eisenbichler (TSV Siegsdorf), Richard Freitag (SG Nickel cottage Aue), Severin Freund (WSV DJK Rastbüchl), Karl Geiger (SC Oberstdorf), Stephan Leyhe (SC Willingen), David Siegel (SC Baiersbronn) and Olympic winner Andreas wellinger (SC Ruhpolding) has been nominated, as expected, the seven ski jumpers, he is the least traveled of the world Cup to the world Cup and the period of time between the General sample in Engelberg and the tour kick-off this weekend in Oberstdorf for a last form check in Norway has used.

The Olympic venue cut Lillehammer as a stage for the final: “The weather has cooperated, and we were able to work in a concentrated and effective at the stabilization of the individual jumping technique,” says Schuster. Then the Active could then drive the “systems” down. Only Friday had a practice in patience. Instead of jump training, physiotherapy and light exercise for him on the program, in order to compensate for the effects of his fall in Engelberg. Schuster and his helpers are, but according to the Doctors confident that Friday can jump in the previous year, even as overall world Cup Leader went to the tour.

cobbler knows about the longings for a tour winner with the German eagle on the chest. But the pragmatist is also enough of a Realist to accurately assess, Wellinger, Friday, and a friend, “which formed in the past, the spearhead of the team, could not continue in the previous course of the season in the usual way”.

Satisfied, the 49-year-old head coach from the Kleinwalsertal valley, with the performances of violinist and Leyhe. “You jumped with great benefits to the Public.” And also the last form of strong and air-resistant iron Bichler is implemented in the complex sport of ski jumping in the Swiss monastery village of Engelberg succeeded, “his great technique in the Competition”. Shoemaker’s hope: “Karl and Stephan are currently our best-placed German ski jumper, and therefore belong also to the wider circle of co-favorites.”

there is a Consensus on Kobayashi role in the jump tradition event around the turn of the year. “He is the big favorite,” says Schuster, and is also one of a Polish Duo to Kobayashi worst opponents. “Piotr Zyla is ahead of Kamil Stoch and the Pace.” The German jumpers is like to trust a lot, keeps a shoemaker, due to the continuous construction work over the past years. “The show not least, two second places in the overall standings by Andreas Wellinger and Severin Freund. Both times we had to give us only the former high-Flyers Prevz and Stoch struck. Maybe we can make the next tour even a high-Flyer. The hunger for success is great, but we have learned not to force anything. We have a couple of Springer in a good Position, but they are the favourites.“

The week-long ski jumping spectacle attracts every year many viewers. The 25.500 available Tickets for the Start on Sunday in Oberstdorf, were quickly sold. “The tour is just a cult,” says the in the black forest, living Willinger Leyhe. “Such an event, there is no second Time.” For Leyhe an incentive and a challenge at the same time, also in the forthcoming German-Austrian border experience keep flying course. “Rarely has made me ski jumping is so much fun as in the last few months. The entry with the second place in Wisla was fantastic. Since then, I ended up with only a few exceptions among the Ten best in the world.“