Supermarket: the 25 most advantageous first price products


Everyone has their little tricks at the supermarket. Faced with inflation, the French are trying at all costs to save money on everyday products, from food to hygiene, including home maintenance. Forget the little pleasures, change brands, focus on quantity rather than quality… Their tricks are numerous. To continue to eat what they want without making too many sacrifices, more and more consumers are opting for entry-level products.

According to a study by the firm AlexPartners carried out by YouGov and quoted by Midi Libre, 34% of French people buy more distributor brands and 27% have reduced their expenses by preferring the “first price” range to national brands. However, these entry-level products have been particularly affected by inflation, recalls Le Parisien, quoting the IRI institute, a consumer specialist: “In October, while the average inflation of consumer products reached 11.13% over one year, and that of national brand products 9.55%, first price products jumped 17.38%”.

How to explain it? According to the Ile-de-France daily, these products have already reduced their marketing or advertising expenses to a minimum, while national brands are doing so at the moment in order to cushion the shock on consumers. “Economic products are bearing the full brunt of this surge in the prices of raw materials, because they constitute the bulk of their production costs”, adds Le Parisien.

Should we stop buying them at the supermarket and favor promotions? Not necessarily, because they remain “comparatively very interesting”, explains the firm IRI to the newspaper. Be careful, some first price products are even more advantageous than others, compared to national brands. To make real savings, opt for those on the shelves. Discover the 25 most advantageous first price products below, according to a study by the IRI Institute for Le Parisien.