Comment for police scandal: futility is part of the profession


you look at the world with the eyes of a police officer, it can look pretty grim. In large German cities it is quite possibly from dark side streets where drug dealers pursue undisturbed their business, clan, crime, and semi-strong feeling in large groups of powerful. If the law guardian, wants to give no one a shame. Makes an impression, who is his man. Earlier, the police may have officers, a peaked cap, to embody the authority of the state power. Today, you create many inserts bullet-proof vests.

in the Middle of the jungle of the big city

In German cities, one might have the impression, has long been a mixture of anomie and crime brewed together. And the police must face the music. Perhaps it is no coincidence that, of all things, in the first Frankfurt police station, a coven of allegedly extreme right-wing officials has formed in a guard in the middle of the jungle of the big city, where half of the world, lost souls from all over the world and crowds of people in the consumer rush of the nearby pedestrian street to each other. The world can look pretty bleak.

of Course, it is not new that the police officers everyday life takes place mainly on the dark sides of a society. A Central part of your profession is there, where it is in accordance with the law. If you believe the trainers, select most of the police candidates their profession because they want to do society some Good. A sober look at the crime statistics shows that the world develops beyond the police, everyday life by no means in the direction of gloom, as it sometimes seems.

A sense of futility

But there are things that have changed in the past few years, such as the rhetoric: Where it is possible to get caught up in the bourgeois parties from the breach of the law by ruling and by a “rule of injustice”, a man who wants to always be on the side of Right, at some point, the idea, the law in the own Hand. Where always on the judiciary and the administration will gemäkelt, because judgments will be perceived as too mild, or the approach to lax, is this feeling is not weaker, especially since it has a true core. Especially in the field of drug crime, many rejected asylum seekers are active. Constantly deportations to fail because the Affected with all the means to fight back. And of course, there are among these people those that lose power in respect of the state, if the power never Seriously. Who can’t understand that at some point a sense of futility sets in?

futility is part of the profession. No matter how much the vigilante efforts, crime there will be, as long as there are people and rules. And there will always be citizens who do not toil to find our way back, despite all the Rehabilitation on the path of virtue.