With the most popular computer game in the world can earn a lot of money. This has made the game makers Epic Games this year with Fortnite again – and this year, more than $ 3 billion in profit, as the online service, Techcrunch reported. The equivalent of approximately EUR 2.6 billion.

Fortnite has information from Epic Games, according to 125 million players around the world. Analysts assume that at least 2 billion dollars of profit from Fortnite were recorded. Alone in the Apple App Store Fornite makes the current data of the analysis provider, Think Gaming estimated that more than 2 million dollars in sales on the day.

$ 15 billion value

These values are due to the Christmas business is sure to be a little bloated. Nevertheless, Epic Games takes over the App Store several Hundred million dollars in the year. However, Epic Games is not listed on the stock exchange and hence no business data.