After the deadly attack on a tourist bus near the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the search for the motive and the perpetrators begins. The Egyptian attorney-General Nabil Sadek ordered in the night to Saturday an investigation into the Explosion, which had been come to on Friday evening four people have been killed and eleven others injured, media reported.

In the case of the Victims, who were with a Bus on the road, it was, therefore, three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide. Eleven other people were injured by the homemade explosive device, in addition to the Egyptian bus driver, also other vacationers.

Like the Egyptian interior had informed the Ministry, was the bomb shortly after 18 o’clock (local time) on the edge of a busy road, close to the tourist pyramids in Giza exploded. The place of the incident was cordoned off by the security forces. Local residents reported in social networks by a loud Explosion. Pictures of the accident site showed that on one side of the bus, all the Windows were shattered. In addition, one side of the bus was littered with scratches and dark dust lanes.

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbuli stressed that there is worldwide terrorism. There is no reason to be concerned. The Bus was deviated from its planned, secured Route, without notifying the security forces, before he had been hit by the explosives. A spokesman for the foreign Ministry condemned the act as “cowardly terrorist act”.

In the land of Egypt, it always comes back to attacks on tourists, and terrorist attacks. The travel industry of the country suffers. The tourist numbers were down after the upheavals of the so-called Arab spring of 2011, rebounded last but easily. The Foreign office warns, however, an increased risk of terrorist attacks.