Column: Mickelson may not have the time or energy to recover.


Phil Mickelson was a prominent voice on the Ryder Cup Task Force, which reshaped America’s blueprint and created such continuity that it was easy for one to predict who the next captain would be.

Zach Johnson is the vice captain of the two previous teams and a Ryder Cup player four times.

It was simple.

Bethpage Black’s next choice in 2025 should have been as predictable. But it isn’t.

All indications pointed to Mickelson.

Mickelson, a six-time major champion, has been a part of every Ryder Cup team from 1995 to the present. This was before Collin Morikawa was born. New York loves Mickelson, despite or perhaps because of his five close calls at the majors. Two of those were at Bethpage.

But what now?

Lovable Lefty is a different name.

It seems like it took a lot longer to become the oldest major golf champion at 50 by winning PGA Championship. His comments to Alan Shipnuck (longtime golf writer) are fresh in his mind. Shipnuck is currently writing an unauthorised biography of Mickelson.

Mickelson was flirting with a Saudi-funded rival league. He called the Saudis “scary mother(expletives).”

Mickelson said that “We know they murdered (Washington Post reporter Jamal), Khashoggi, and have a terrible record on human rights.” “They execute gay people over there. Considering all this, why would you even consider it? This is a unique opportunity to reshape the PGA Tour’s operations.

He said that he didn’t care if the other league was successful as long as it gave him leverage against Commissioner Jay Monahan’s “dictatorship” of the PGA Tour.

Mickelson stated that he and three other top-ranked players paid lawyers to draft the operating agreement in the rival league.

KPMG and American Express were his corporate partners. Amstel Light, Workday, and Amstel Light are no longer interested in working with him. Callaway Golf stated that it was a pause in the relationship.

What about the Ryder Cup?

Johnson was ready for the topic when he was named captain . Johnson was vague about hypotheticals and unknowns when Johnson was asked four times about Mickelson’s role as vice captain.

Johnson answered a series of questions about Mickelson during a Sky Sports interview. He only said, without exaggerating, that Phil Mickelson was a friend of his.

Mickelson ‘s last statement to anyone was a 500-word one a week ago. It only made Mickelson seem more self-absorbed. It contained the words “apologize” and “sorry” twice. Monahan and the PGA Tour were not mentioned. He stated that his motivation was to improve the game and players, even if it meant being a fall guy.

It was a good fall.

Mickelson spoke out about the stress and pressure he felt over the past 10 years, and stated that he needed time off. Mickelson is now trying to get out of the mess he made.

Mickelson lacks time.

Mickelson’s and Tiger Woods’s swift and dramatic downfalls are not the same except for the damage they did to their public image. Woods did everything to ruin Mickelson’s personal life. Mickelson attempted to undermine the tour that made Mickelson rich and famous.

Woods was 33 years old and was at his peak when he was revealed to have multiple extramarital affairs. He was voted PGA Tour player-of-the-year for the eleventh time four years later. After four back surgeries, which made him afraid he would never be able to play golf again, he won his 15th major title, the 2019 Masters.

It was both a comeback and a redemption. Woods is still very popular. Woods is now adored by his peers who once revered him.

Mickelson, 51, is a hard-to-find friend in the ropes.

Although his historic victory at Kiawah Island in May was a great accomplishment, Lefty is well past the end of his career. He has been on the PGA Tour for 12 years and has missed the cut five more times. Only once did he finish among the top 25, which was a tie for 17th at a restricted-field event.

He has also won four times on the PGA Tour Champions. The 50-and-over league remains competitive, but it is not the best road to recovery.

Time can heal wounds. It is not known how deep they go or if there will be more.

Shipnuck’s book will be published in May. A second book, written by Billy Walters (a noted sports gambler), is being prepared for Mickelson’s fall. Walters was involved in an insider trading scandal. The trial ended with Mickelson being released as a relief defendant and Walters being sent to prison.

It will be 19 months before the next Ryder Cup takes place in Italy. Bethpage Black will be two years later, and considering Woods’ limited schedule, it makes sense for him to be the U.S. captain by 2025.

Mickelson: Where do they fit in?

It all depends on how quickly he recovers, if any.