Frankfurt’s Skyline is famous for the high-rise buildings. However, the potential of these high-rise buildings remained unused for many years. Where you sat in the other metro cities are on the roof bars, drank, and celebrated, the Frankfurter, for the most part well-behaved in their offices with a view. This is changing now. In the summer, you could discover the one or the other seasonal rooftop bar, and now on top of that, the new Henninger tower on the Sachsenhausen side of the main river has opened up in the top two floors of the “Franziska”.

Maria Wiesner

editor in the Department of society FAZ.NET.

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The tower used to be the grain silo of the Frankfurt brewery “Henninger-Brau”, until the seventies, it was the tallest building in the city. The top floors and looked like a keg and hosted a viewing platform and a Restaurant, whose floor was able to rotate. In 2013, the tower was demolished and a residential building is replaced, the shape of the of the old tower. A cylinder perched on the four-square building, but this time he is glazed completely. The bottom does not rotate in the Restaurant “Franziska”, but by the panoramic window, you get caught almost always a window seat with views of the city. Next summer the roof terrace is to be opened. Now for the cold Season better to sit inside at the Bar and enjoy a cool Cocktail in the Warm.

“The ‘Hood Couture’ is a very round and a relaxed Drink,” says bartender Moritz Ziehr. It is suitable as an Aperitif and please even the guests who don’t think of Whisky, if you ordered a Cocktail. “Whisky is for an autumnal Drink, of course, with the severe heat perfectly,” says Ziehr. To make the Drink not too heavy, he shuffles this variant of a classic “Old Fashioned”Cocktails with apricot-Bourbon.

Tradition with a Twist was also a speciality of the origin of the name of a Bar and a Restaurant. “Franziska was the great-great aunt of our owner,” says Ziehr. “You lived here in this neighborhood, the yellow house you can see from up here is still good,” he says, pointing down at the maze of streets at the foot of the tower. Those Franziska cooked German cuisine with a personal touch. In addition to the Cocktails, the also reflects the map of the restaurant, the ROE, Meatballs or Kalbsbrie.

But back to the Drink: a classic model – the first mentions of the “Old-Fashioned”whiskey cocktails are to be found in 1880 in the Chicago Tribune comes in the preparation, but then very spectacular. Ziehr fills the ingredients into the cocktail shaker and pour everything in a high arc, can be seen otherwise only in Spanish cider taverns, from one vessel to the other. In the end it all ends up in the glass, the ice cracking quietly. To set waived Ziehr. “The Drink”, says the bartender. Instead of fruit slices, there is a Label with the imprint “set” on the glass.

ingredients for the “Hood Couture”

3 cl Bourbon whiskey
3 cl apricot-Bourbon
2 cl Lillet Rosé
1 cl elderflower syrup
3 dash of Angostura Bitters
3 shot of Peychaud’s Bitters


Whisky, apricot-Bourbon, Lillet Rosé, elderflower syrup, and Bitters in a Shaker and fill with ice. Who is professional enough, you can throw the Drink from the Shaker in a second stirred vessel, in the air under the lift and cool off (like a bartender Ziehr in our Video supremacy) – can stir all of the Drink at home with ice cream. Then, in an ice-filled Tumbler glass strain.