The International football Federation (Fifa) will have to pay a ticket dealer from Switzerland more than $ 17 million. This is from a decision of the Swiss Federal court from 28. In November, the F. A. Z. (reference: 4A_338/2018). The complaint to Fifa against to a court of arbitration judgment, from the 2. May this year, was dismissed in the final instance. The world organization has paid the amount, apparently in the company JB Sports Marketing. It was about broken Promises of Fifa for card quotas for the world Cup in Brazil in 2014. Both parties had closed, according to court documents, in 2010, a contract for a “significant number of Tickets”, which the world Cup tournament this year in Russia included.

Michael Ashelm

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

Like the “Tagesanzeiger” reported in Switzerland, could be the contest for the Fifa even more expensive, because JB Sports prepared a further compensation claim for non-delivered Tickets to the world Cup in Russia. Accordingly, $ 20 million could, once again, to the world Association. While Fifa have delivered to the tournament in South Africa 2010, the agreed-upon cards in accordance with the contract, fulfilled its obligation in Brazil in 2014, but only partially. To the tournament last summer in Russia, the Association provided, however, no Tickets to JB Sports.

The Swiss ticket distributor made in 2015 for headlines, as the company serious allegations of corruption against the then Fifa Secretary General Jérôme Valcke had been raised that the dismissal and subsequent lock transported. The Agency released documents showing that Valcke want to allow for the delivery of expensive world Cup Tickets had been.