/ Ranking < / P> Stephaan, D. L., aged 54, is the man who is now the cell is sitting on the floor, on the Capability Mazijn, in a case in 1992, and is now being accused of the murder of Eve Dolls (38), is a case from 1997. The man of today, the judge appeared, and in the suspicion, as we heard from a good source.

On september 9, 1997 called concerned residents of an apartment building in the Argentiniëlaan at the Luchtbal in the evening at the police station. They have had their next-door neighbor, Eve Dolls (38) for a few days not seen it. The police found the dead body of a woman in the bedroom. The victim appeared to have been strangled with a rope, and it showed several knife wounds in the chest. At the time, conducted the research, did not deliver the hoped-for breakthrough.

New technologies

in The case of this “cold case”, has been submitted to the field advisor by the MODERATOR in order to look for new technologies to be a breakthrough, were able to provide. In this research, the 55-year-old, Stephaan, D. L., in the picture came to be. On Friday, he appeared before the magistrate where he or she has to rely on his right to remain silent. The judge has the man in his fifties held. Next week on Tuesday, he appeared before the court.

“We were surprised,” said mr. Christian Clement, a lawyer for the defendant. “We have the judge, having heard of our client before, this second case is in suspicion, and is arrested. We don’t have any access to the file and don’t know what is the material that should be him / her”.

The man is currently arrested for the murder of Ariane Mazijn, in Antwerp, belgium, in 1992.