City group Darmstadt: privatisation is no longer an issue


    ten years Ago, has constructed the policy of the Heag Holding AG as a city group, the core of which has a defined task as “participation in management”. Precisely the birth of the Holding you can not name, because the process dragged on for a longer time, so that it three, the mayor participated. But as a strategic management unit for many of the city’s investments, the Heag AG operates under the two Board members Klaus-Michael Ahrend and mark Hoschek for a decade, effective, and comparatively noiseless. The small anniversary, the mayor has drawn up a balance sheet – with many superlatives.

    Rainer Hein

    correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Darmstadt, Germany.

    F. A. Z.

    thanks to the Darmstadt city group there is a “transparency like in any other city”. He know of no other town in Germany with such a large added value and efficiency in Relation to the population, said Jochen Partsch (Green party). He also pointed out that Darmstadt was the first Hessian city, produced in 2009, a “city economic strategy,” and an investment code was introduced.

    Under the Heag holding company Bauverein, the energy provider Entega and the transport company Heag mobilo, with the urban apartment three large divisional companies, each with their own daughters – alone, Entega has more than 50 of the waste-water purification GmbH solar Park to a residential Park-society for seniors. Even people with an interest in local politics, this branched Portfolio sometimes like a book with seven seals, since there is except for the companies Saves with their many investments, a number of urban own establishments and companies, such as waste collection and the Zoo relevant EEAS and the municipal hospital.

    Everything from urban Hand?

    The city’s economy, highlighted Partsch, thus relates to almost all areas of life – from energy and water, real estate, mobility, culture and leisure, IT and telecommunications to sewage and waste disposal. And all of these companies to the General interest, to grab, thanks to the “holistic management of Heag AG, such as trades into each other”.

    it is not word magic, according to the mayor clearly at the Lincoln settlement. The large conversion area is to be developed for several years in a joint action of the Bauverein, Entega, Heag mobilo and city to a new district, all what it takes, get out of town: apartments, kindergartens, water, electricity, bus stops and Car-Sharing. Because it works on Lincoln so well, will follow as a next step, the Cambrai-Fritsch-Kaserne and the Jefferson settlement of the same model of cooperation, so that the city can quickly tap on the two areas into new residential areas.

    In the past ten years, the Bauverein has created 1000 residential units and many of its properties restored. At the Entega Partsch pointed out that the group have developed after some difficult years it is now one of the leading electricity providers in Germany for commercial customers and the second largest provider of private customers. Overall, the companies of the city economy invested according to the Ten-year review of the Heag Board 2.6 billion euros, its added value in the Region for this period to quantify the members of the management Board with to 5.46 billion euros. Based on revenue, have been able to increase the regional added value so that in a decade from 18 to 38 percent.