Threats of power cuts hover over France. Faced with this situation, the French have already adopted many daily measures with the aim of reducing their energy expenditure. However, the cold has recently returned to the territory, so the heating had to be turned on.

If the government advises to maintain a reasonable temperature to reduce overall consumption, some homes are still struggling to heat themselves. Indeed, even with the radiators on full blast, it is sometimes difficult to heat a room because the heat is not centralized and is scattered on the walls or the ceiling.

Fortunately, there is a trick with some aluminum foil that could help to get better heat distribution. To do this, just grab a few leaves and place them behind the radiator, against the wall, reveals How To Save. Thanks to this action, the heat will be returned directly to the center of the room and will no longer spread along the walls.

However, this trick cannot be used in all homes. Indeed, it is better to avoid when the walls are humid because the heat can be good in this case. Also, it is important to note that this method can only be done with cast iron radiators.

If all the conditions are good, this trick should make it possible to warm up the fireplace more and therefore to lower the power of the radiators, and therefore to save energy.